Jedd Dryden


[ADogs] Aussie Dogs



The [ADogs] Aussie Dogs community was founded by myself and five others. We founded the community with the objectives of bringing people together and creating an awesome environment for our fellow Australians to enjoy. Being the basic small group of friends we were, we started at the beginning, I believe that we have come far since the day we founded the community.

Through change and various situations, we have both grown and refined the goals we would like to complete. We plan on hosting game servers, voice servers and hopefully growing to be the biggest gaming community in Australia someday. We believe that everyone deserves a fair go and that things should be done for the community to support each other and make this online world feel a little bit more like home.

Personally, I currently lead the group on how we develop, what rules are set and to pass the major changes. Over the years other founders have dropped in and out, including myself, but as it currently stands I am Director of [ADogs] Aussie Dogs. I'm always looking for more help to keep things fresh and fair as I can't always be there to work on servers and the general community. As we grow we will be able to host more servers, have a stronger staff force and become what other communities have failed to be.

I have been a part of other communities previously that have failed, were unfair or didn't make enough effort to move forward. I hope that we can learn from others mistakes and create something that everyone can enjoy and be a part of.

As a general housekeeping rule, only Australians and New Zealanders can join the community to help keep ping low and to help promote people meeting each other in real life if they feel comfortable.

I have also started a reviews site based on the [ADogs] Aussie Dogs community.